The World Health Organization (WHO) & LavaStage present

The Global Unity Mural(GUM)

The World's Largest Street Art Collaboration & Competition Event

Submission Specifications

To qualify, upload a color sketch that represents your interpretation of one of the elements described below, if chosen, you will be eligible to recreate your design in Geneva, Switzerland.

Upload your artistic creation for a chance to collaborate and compete with other talented individuals. Acquire funding, prizes, sponsorships, and participate in live concerts, events, and other activities that can support and expand your artistic career.

Mural description: Geneva, Switzerland 

1- 15’x15′ divided into FOUR 7′.5″x 7′.5″ blocks (canvas).

2 – Each block focuses on four elements: STIMULATE, INSPIRE, MOTIVATE, AND INCENTIVIZE.

3 – The first element, Stimulate, will be presented by the Colombian-renowned graffiti artist Apolo on August 13, 2021.

4 – Each artist will choose one of the remaining three elements; they must build from the first block and execute their design to leave lines/colors open-ended so there will be room for other artists to add their blocks and vision (please see the example diagram). 

Benefits and Prizes

  • Exposure of the artists and their work on an international stage and market.
  • Prestige and recognition from participating in this global event with the World Health Organization.
  • Each work (block) will be issued a Non-Fungible Token (NFT).
  • The whole piece from all the participating countries and cities; 58 blocks collectively will be issued an NFT.
  • Royalties from the sale of merchandise and products associated with the mural itself.
  • Five days stay in Geneva, Switzerland. 


1 – Register and create your profile.

2 – Upload your proposal to LavaStage (use the participate button) as well as all of your social media, using #LavastageGUM. (see details in the specifications section)

3 – Describe your work; let your audience know how it stimulates, inspires, motivates, and incentivizes society to heal, unite and evolve as one planet.

4 – Engage your audience on both social media and to build up support and followers.

5 – The submissions with the highest number of likes/reposts across social media and will qualify. There will be 21 submissions selected.

6 – A panel of judges from the World Health Organization and LavaStage will vote to select the winners. Three will be chosen for the mural.

7 – Submissions will be judged not only on creativity, style, and quality but also on whether they convey the intended message to the world. 

8 – NEW DATE! Submissions deadline December 31st, 2021 23:59. The winners will be announced on January 6th, 2022

Ultimately, the objective is to create the most recognized mural in history. Countries and their cities will have bragging rights that their winning artists participated in this significant global collaborative project. Through the NFT’s and the project’s overall scope, it has the potential to generate substantial perpetually-increasing value. This event will benefit the WHO’s causes, the artists, and their communities for decades.