Deeply Rooted: Brave Roots II

This piece is a symbolic representation of the journey to healing, one that highlights the role of history, self awareness and a sense of community in the process. 

Through their self-expression in hairstyle and appearance, the two women in this piece of art symbolize radiant individual personality. These women are facing in different directions, one with her eyes open to her surroundings and the other closed in introspective thought. Their individuality, however, is grounded in their connection to each other. They lean on each other signifying the strength of the bond they’ve created. One is able to support the other and look after one another as a representation of “I got your back”

Without an understanding of the past, there is no future. This is represented through the hair. We must understand our roots (locks) in order to build something that defies gravity, that looks into the future, something that is bigger than you and I (the afro). While individuality prevails, we are stronger together as we are the pieces of a puzzle coming together to create a larger picture. The circle surrounding the women is a reminder of the circle of life and the patterns and details are reminiscent of our heritage. 

We all have a story that has marked our beginning, and what we choose as a collective today will impact the generations to come. This piece calls for us to choose to find healing in one another, to love and be loved, to understand the value of community and the strength that we can lend one other.


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