The fund will initiate on September 31, 2021, and the first top artist and support package will be announced on December 31, 2021

comes from the allocation of 12% from sales, royalties, and all monetized activities on the LavaStage platform.

There are two functions for the Fund.

1. 6% is allocated to launch, expand or maintain a career, product, and brand.

2. 6% will provide funding to vulnerable communities, for their schools, academies, programs, and events that lack capital and other resources to reach their artistic and educational goals

For accuracy and transparency, LavaStage, its employees or members never handle the Lava fund; instead, it is maintained, monitored, and distributed by a third-party accredited accounting firm. An online account ledger will be available for viewing in real-time to registered members.

Every three months the support packages are announced. The top artist(s) in their industry and genre will have the opportunity to receive the LavaStage Support Package by having the highest supporter and fan engagement at the end of each third month.


The fund is part of a complete support package that will launch a professional career, product, and brand. Its function is to ensure the best results for career, product, and brand expansion, positioning, recognition, distribution, and monetization.

The funded artist(s) will always receive 90% of all their gains and LavaStage will never receive more than 10% resulting from the support package

Artists will receive a funding and support package according to industry, product and genre. LavaStage will provide its resources, both on and off the platform to maximize the potential for the artist(s) success

Unlike conventional artists/label/brand signing agreements, LavaStage does not own the artist’s work, image, product, or intellectual rights. Instead, it is the support house where all its resources are 100% available to the artist so they have 100% control of their career.

Lavastage identifies and allocates profit potential to those artists who present, market, promote, and campaign their work and gain notable support via the LavaStage platform, social media likes, and fan engagement.

Artists, their supporters, and fans can create or maintain trends that can place an artist(s) at the top.


Vulnerable remote, rural, or urban communities have similar functions and benefits as an artist(s) do on the platform.

There are two options for communities:

1. An art school or program that has been defunded or has not been able to raise funds to commence or continue a program can present its case on the platform.

They present their needs, plans, and projections in a compelling story to show how they will use the funds to grow their particular program or project and how their efforts will spread the message of the arts to the world.

The popular vote on social media, as well as the platform, will increase their chances to fund their needs.

These funds are deployed as a case-by-case model and are provided to the qualifying recipients as a contribution contingent on the continuance of the arts.

2. An arts program, dance academy, theater company, modeling, music, film school, etc. can participate collectively or appoint an individual or team to register on the platform. They too will have to promote and campaign on the LavaStage platform and social media to get to the top position.

The funded team or individual will always receive 90% of all their gains and LavaStage will never receive more than 10% resulting from the support package.

A support package will be offered to the winning team or individual in the same format as it is to artists.

Communities must maintain their commitment to the arts and their evolution.