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mr.garek (jean betancourt)

Urban artist since 2008 from Caracas-Venezuela, illustrator, designer and 2d and 3d animator, graduated in 2013 from the Caracas Design Institute in Venezuela, in his career as an urban artist,

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Does the future look good? The answer is yes, in case we are working for our well-being. This work is part of the project We are still Children, it seeks

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Power is commonly related to material success  Achieving these things mostly come with stress  many start to see more but feel less  close your eyes and let your peace free 

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Ilustración y boceto inspirado en la estimulación temprana , cómo un sentimiento elegre y positivo que logra transformar ideas y que funcionen como motor para la búsqueda del progreso colectivo

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My subscription for the Global Unity Mural is my interpretation of the word incentivize. My understanding of it is to encourage and motivate, and for me this has always been

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Sarah DeArruda

The Global Unity Mural is meant to inspire, motivate, stimulate and incentivize the world to work towards harmony. This unity begins right here on LavaStage! With your help as creative

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