My subscription for the Global Unity Mural is my interpretation of the word incentivize. My understanding of it is to encourage and motivate, and for me this has always been two vastly different concepts. For me encouragement comes from feeling like a part of a group, to be encouraged, to have someone pushing you forward in your journey. But motivation, that comes from within. It’s a drive, a passion, a flame. 


To incorporate my two different beliefs of these words into one painting I have made this rough, rough sketch of a painting I would love to make on a bigger scale. SpaceTank is my submission and is a symbol of both how big and small our place in this world is. We are the center of our one world and yet just a speck of dust onboard a big rock soaring through space. Not to point any fingers, but I, as I suspect others might have aswell, have always thought of my own small problems as unreasonably enormous and world ending; and have a hard time pulling myself out of those heart and gut clenching instances of pure anxiety. 


But what always helps me drive forward, and pull my head out of a strange hole where the sun doesn’t shine, is the moment I realise how little I am. How alone I never am and how alike my neighbour I am. We are all similar. We all come from the same place, we are all affected by time and we all, one day, will be dead in a ditch. 


Spacetank: we all swam in the same sea (full title) is my interpretation of the world incentivize and is my contribution to the GU Mural. We all have moments that bring us down, instances of doubt, but we should always remember that we don’t have enough time to worry about things of no importance.


The aquariums round shape is to symbolise earth, the grid underneath it is the space time continuum and the fish illustrates the first instance of life for all organisms. 


Thank you.

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    09 - image 131

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