Welcome toLava Stage

Welcome toLavaStage

An international platform for artists to share their talents, skill, and vision with the world!

Upload your artistic creation for a chance to collaborate and compete with other talented individuals. Acquire funding, prizes, sponsorships, and participate in live concerts, events, and other activities that can support and expand your artistic career.

We believe in the power of creativity and self-expression. Everyone has an artistic side, which can come to light with the right stimulation, inspiration, motivation, and incentive.


LavaStage is a platform dedicated to the advancement of society through social and environmental prosperity.

We are an international art, skill, and talent aggregator where individuals have an opportunity for self-promotion, collaboration, development, competition, and funding.

Unlike social sites like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc. where users have access to a broad audience, LavaStage provides an already motivated, like-minded, and focused audience.

The gaps that the media/entertainment industry and social platforms cannot fill, makes it possible for collaborating artists to finance, create, develop and present their own style with LavaStage.

We are a multifaceted resource provider, tools that allow collaboration to take on the role of production, promotion, publishing, positioning, and monetization of your artistic brand.



LavaStage was conceived in August 2007 when it was called Haters & Fans. 

In 2013, it became Project Launch, a platform focused on entrepreneurship and the arts.

In 2018, we presented a national talent contest in Colombia South America called Yo Soy CARPA.  Because of the success of that talent contest and the forced advent of covid-19, in September of 2020, we came together with a group of artists, entrepreneurs, and business professionals to capitalize on our collective know-how. Our purpose was to draw inspiration from the past thirteen years of experience and incorporate our capacity to adapt to the new social evolution.  With this knowledge, we present LavaStage to the world.